2016 07 14 to 17 GTA Brand Ambassadors for Tiger Towel

In Store Demo
2016 07 16 to 25 Grace In Store Demo
July 26, 2016
Calgary Stampede Party
2016 07 14 Calgary Stampede Party
July 25, 2016
GTA Brand Ambassadors

Did you know Tigris has GTA brand ambassadors? These members of our team live just outside of Toronto, in the surrounding areas. For those of you who don’t live in Ontario, GTA stands for ‘Greater Toronto Area’. From July 14-17, our GTA brand ambassadors were at Mississauga Rib Fest, representing Tiger Towel in association with 6 Degrees Communications.

Throughout the event, our team engaged with consumers and got them excited about Royale Tiger Towel with an informative, engaging and memorable activation. This premium brand experience included branded Royale Tiger Towel dispensers and table cloths. In addition, the team hosted a ‘scrub and win’ booth for guests to win prizes!

Below are a few guest testimonials:

  • “You guys have the most fun booth!”
  • “I love how excited you guys are!”
  •  “We missed you at the Etobicoke Ribfest. My wife was looking for you guys!”
  • “I am in line to win the plush tiger. I really want that tiger!”
  • “I am a loyal customer. I just bought a bunch of Royale products this morning.”
  • “You guys picked a great event to partner with.”
  • “These towels are actually pretty strong.”

Many guests were already familiar with the brand. The activation increased awareness and provided a positive brand message to loyal consumers. They were pleased to see one of their favourite household brands giving back to the community!

GTA Brand Ambassadors at Large Scale Events

There are many popular events outside of Toronto that draw in large crowds. These may include food truck festivals, art festivals, and city events. Tigris has over 500 brand ambassadors on our Greater Toronto Area roster. If you’re interested in hiring a dynamic team for your GTA event, contact Tigris today for a free, no obligation quote!

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