2017 02 22 to 03 19 Flonase Brand Ambassadors Canada

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2017 03 05 to 08 Bilingual Promo Model at PDAC
March 15, 2017
Virtual Reality at Trade Shows
2017 03 07 GRYD Incorporates Virtual Reality at Trade Shows
March 14, 2017
Brand Ambassadors Canada

Allergies are quite common, and annoying! Flonase Allergy Relief is the first and only non-prescription nasal spray. It offers 24-hour relief from both nose and eye-related allergy systems.

Since many allergens are within the home and outdoors, it makes sense for Flonase to exhibit at the Home and Garden Shows across Canada. You mat be thinking, how do you make allergies fun? To start, you hire a smart, outgoing team of brand ambassadors. Onsite, the team wore a pair of khaki pants and a white, long-sleeved branded polo shirt. 

There are many interactive touch points within the Flonase booth. The cohesive team and esthetically appealing booth already caught people’s attention. But as you know, looks aren’t enough! The booth incorporates a touch screen and interactive tablets. As a result, guests engage within the booth and learn more about their own allergies, in addition to the product benefits. 

To leave a long lasting impression, our team gave out brochures and branded garden gloves and hats on behalf of 6 Degrees Communications. 

Brand Ambassadors Canada Host Booths At Multiple Trade Shows 

Save costs of flying your employees across Canada by hiring events staff local to the area. Although 3 different groups of staff represented Flonase, they were each trained prior to the event. As a result, each team was well educated and informed on the products. Contact Tigris today to learn more about our trade show staffing. 

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