2017 02 17 to 26 Auto Show Events Staff for Gladiator Whirlpool

CIAS promo models
2017 02 16 to 26 CIAS Promo Models for Toronto Star
February 24, 2017
Launch Party
2017 02 16 Astrolab Studios Launch Party
February 22, 2017
auto show events staff

Tigris supplied Auto Show Events Staff for 6 Degrees & with Gladiator Whirpool. The Whirlpool activation is at the 2017 CIAS Feb. 17-26. Almost everyone who stopped by wanted this ultimate garage for themselves! 

Whirlpool is a complete garage solution. They stand apart from their competitors with their focus on product development. Most noteworthy, their products are tested at extreme weights and temperatures. These include workbenches, wall systems, garage flooring and appliances. 

First of all, our team was to generate awareness for the Gladiator products. The interactive garage intrigued guests. It was easy to get them excited about high-quality products. Overall, our team was to educate, entertain and excite consumers for a memorable experience. As a result, guests were eager to purchase several of the featured products. 

Auto Show Events Staff Results & Reports 

After the show, staff are required to provide important insights. These include key learnings, future recommendations and consumer feedback. This feedback is taken into consideration by the client for next years plans. Because auto show events staff are interacting with consumers, they capture a lot of valuable knowledge. Listening to their feedback is especially relevant. Furthermore, it allows the client to make their next activation more successful. 

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