2016 02 25 to 28 Home and Garden Show Brand Ambassadors

2016 02 28 to 03 01 Registration Staff for Toronto Conference
March 1, 2016
2016 02 25 Guest Appreciation Event at Extreme Pita
March 1, 2016

Tigris was contacted by 6 Degrees Communication in association with Gladiator by Whirlpool to provide 2 staff to assist with hosting their booth at the Calgary Home and Garden Show Feb. 25th to 28th.

The guests attending the show were very interested in the setup and they asked a lot of questions about the booth, products and prices. Our brand ambassadors were able to answer all of their inquiries due to their extensive training prior to the event. There was also a Gladiator sales consultant onsite who was able to assist with the more complex questions and serious inquires.

Some guests who came into the booth already had some Gladiator products and were looking to expand. For those who didn’t have garages, our team suggested they could also install the wall paneling in a basement, utility or storage room. This idea was well received; everyone who came by the booth had a positive reaction.  People were very friendly and genuinely interested and impressed with the expansive line of products offered by Gladiator.  They also thought pricing was fairly reasonable which was a bonus!

Below are a few guest testimonials:

  • “I already have most of your products and they are great!”
  • “You have really great products, I love them!”
  • “I will definitely consider this for my garage.”
  • “Great set up, that’s something I need too.”

Are you looking for experienced brand ambassadors to host your booth at the next Home and Garden Show, or a specific trade show in Canada? Contact Tigris today! We have over 1,500 brand ambassadors across Canada eager to bring your brand to life. Give us a call at 416-283-9119 or send an e-mail to info@tigriseventsinc.com to learn more about our services.