Canada USA Event Staffing

It’s quite common for a brand to have a strong presence in both Canada and the United States. As a result, they may attend trade shows and conferences in both countries. In addition, some brands may execute a mobile tour in both countries, or even a retail tour. Until recently, Tigris only operated in Canada. We noticed many of our clients are inquiring about our presence in the states. Therefore, we knew it was about time to expand into Canada USA event staffing. How does a Canadian event staffing agency expand into another country? Discover our 4 successful methods below!

Growing a Company: Canada USA Event Staffing 

Canada USA Event Staffing

Expand Relationships

As mentioned earlier, we are currently working with a Canadian client on their Ontario events. When asked if we could support their conferences in the United States, we jumped at the opportunity. To start, we provided Texas event staffing services for the Keyspire Wealth Tour in Austin & San Antonio in November. Because our sales staff were so well received,  our team provided additional staff for the conference in Fort Worth and Dallas later that month. In addition to Keyspire, we were contacted by Milkyway Distribution to provide top promotional modes for a trade show in California. By expanding our Canadian relationships, we are slowly able to expand our services in the United States! If you are looking to expand your business, reach out to your current contacts to see if there are any potential opportunities. 

Canada USA Event Staffing

Stay Consistent

Because our Canadian clients expect consistency in both markets, we have to ensure we stay consistent with both our talent and services. How do you ensure you remain loyal to your brand while expanding? Don’t change! When recruiting talent, we promote ourselves the exact same way as we do in Canada. We pride ourselves in paying our talent well, our efficient communication, fun events and large network. There isn’t much that has to change, which makes sense – why fix something if it isn’t broken? The way we collect availability, book and train staff for events is identical in both markets. If possible, remain true to your brand while expanding. 

Canada USA Event Staffing

Find the Right Talent

Although we do not have a physical office in the United States (yet!), we are able to recruit talent the same way we do in remote regions of Canada. With online postings, job portals and our large network, we are able to attract many candidates in each city. Once several candidates apply for an event, we take into consideration the quality of their head shots, resume and initial communication. The candidates are then narrowed down and invited to participate in a Skype interview with our HR Coordinator. Never taken a Skype interview before? Try our Skype tips for success!

In addition to a Skype interview, our top candidates are submitted to the client for final approval. Next, the staff are trained via conference call, webinar or onsite training to prepare for the event. Although it may seem like a lengthy process, it’s important to go through these steps to provide the best talent possible.

Our Temporary Staffing Team is Versatile; but we Specialize In:

•    Brand Ambassadors with high energy and impact to get a buzz going about your brand
•    Multicultural Staff with a great look, personality & are bilingual in any language required
•    Corporate Entertainers who will liven up your event from DJ’s & MC’s to singers, dancers and musicians
•    Event Staffing with unparalleled energy and enthusiasm to get consumers excited about your brand
•    Market Researchers who are proactive to maximize survey participation while remaining neutral/unbiased
•    Promotional Models who have the beauty and the brains behind successful brand representation
•    Sales Staff who will pre-qualify and close sales in charity, retail or tradeshow environments

When expanding, ensure you have the right talent to take your brand to the next level. 

Canada USA Event Staffing

Spread the Word

Last but not least, spread the word! Your clients won’t know to ask if you don’t make them aware. Because we’ve been in business for 14 years in Canada, our current clients won’t know that our services are available across the USA if we don’t tell them. Create a press release, newsletter, blog post and update your website to reflect your expansion. Not only will this notify your current clients, but also potential clients searching for your new services. 

Canada USA Event Staffing

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